Life in my 40’s: Poop Issues

Life in my 40’s: Poop Issues

Worrying about poop is for old people.  Right?  That’s what I always used to think.

I’d hear my mom complain about having problems.  And I’d think:  She’s old!   Of course, now that I think about it, she wasn’t when she first started talking about it.

Then there is my husband whom I’ve always just chalked up to Being Weird because he says he’s always had issues.

When we would visit Patrick’s parents, they would take their evening Tiddly, as they called it, which was just a cute name for Metamucil.

I’ve seen Metamucil on my parent’s countertop for as long as I can remember.  So, really, LONG before they were OLD.

My husband has been buying stool softener and/or Metamucil as long as we have been married, which is nearly 17 years.

I’m 46 and well, I hate to say it, but I think I need to start taking a fiber supplement!  I never even used to give my bowel movements a second thought.  But now, my tummy will start to hurt and I’ll start to think about it and I’ll realize that it’s been several days since anything has “happened.”   And then I groan and gripe about getting old!

I can’t believe that I now have to think about Poop Issues.



I Need to go on a Diet… A Target Diet

IMG_20150920_143553Our budget is out of whack, way, way, way out of whack.  I could blame Christmas.  Or all the birthdays.  Or Halloween.  Or Thanksgiving.

Or I could blame Target.

Although Christmas and the rest of the holidays were expensive, I think it boils down to the fact that I spend much too much money at Target.  It doesn’t help that Target is less than five minutes from my house.  The proximity makes it extremely convenient.  If I had an unlimited budget, my shopping would pretty much all be done at Target and Trader Joe’s with the occasional stop at Hyvee or Price Chopper for that odd ingredient.   I could walk to Trader Joe’s and Target if necessary.

However, what often happens at Target is that unnecessary purchase.  I go for cat food and I walk out with granola bars, socks for my daughter, pants for my son, wine, lip gloss, and yes, cat food.  Do any of those things seem completely frivolous?  Well, maybe the wine.  But most of those are “necessary.”  But I guess the question is whether it is necessary right now.

I went to Target a week ago with Christmas gift cards and a plan to buy a new shirt for myself.  The gift cards totaled $35.  I walked out of there with a receipt totaling $125.  I bought a dress, 2 shirts, belt for me, belts for my daughter, socks for my daughter, pants for my other daughter, a sweater for my other daughter, tights, pantyhose, and maybe more.  I returned the dress and belt.  I needed to try it on at home to see how it actually looked.  That gave me back $50.  So I spent $75 when I meant to spend $35.  Maybe $40 extra doesn’t sound terrible, but our budget needs to be extremely tightened.  Extremely.  Yes, my daughter needed socks.  But she needed socks because she never puts her socks away.  I bet if we thoroughly cleaned her room and the laundry room, we could find plenty of socks.

So I’m on a Target diet.  I’m going to stay away from that store unless absolutely necessary.  I’m going to attempt to go without my kids because they sometimes distract me from my purpose.

I suppose i should call it the Anti-Target Diet.


Moving It Over: My First Blog

2015-12-08 14.33.36This post was originally posted on my other FIRST blog on March 1, 2010.  Although it’s nothing earth shattering, I think I will move all of my posts over here (slowly).

I am sad as I read it…  At the time I wrote it, I had 4 children.  I wasn’t pregnant yet with my 5th.   Now I have 4 children living because my oldest son passed away at the age of 13 just 3 years ago.  It feels weird to read these old ones.

Here it is, as it was written way back when…

Starting a blog is something I have considered, yet hesitated to actually do. What would it be about? I love to talk about many things. Should my blog focus on one thing? I love to talk about good food. How about that? What about family, motherhood, marriage? Literature? Wine? Too many choices. So I’m not going to limit my topics. I think I will allow my mind, my thoughts, my writing to wonder. Another reason I hesitated about blogging was my insecurities letting someone actually read my thoughts, my feelings, or even worse, MY IMPERFECT WRITING!!!! But I decided to go ahead and dive into the blogosphere (isn’t that what they call it?). And I’m not going to be a perfectionist here. I’m just going to write what I feel like writing. Some things may be better than others. Oh and btw, I have this dream of someday writing a book. ((Don’t all bloggers?)) and to be a writer, you need to write. So here I sit writing. I’m full of ideas. I probably have ten book ideas, 3 screenplays, and an unlimited of ideas for blog posts. So ready, set, here I go!

A New Blog from an Old Blog

well, i originally started my blog in 2010 on blogger…  and just now, 6 years later, i see a typo in the title.  yikes!  can you believe it?  i’m a grammar nazi of sorts and my blog had a grammatical error in the title.  oh boy.

anyway, my plan is to move my old blogs to this blog.  There’s not too many over there.  I think this is probably my 7th blog.  Lucky number 7?

2015-12-25 20.18.29