Moving It Over: My First Blog

2015-12-08 14.33.36This post was originally posted on my other FIRST blog on March 1, 2010.  Although it’s nothing earth shattering, I think I will move all of my posts over here (slowly).

I am sad as I read it…  At the time I wrote it, I had 4 children.  I wasn’t pregnant yet with my 5th.   Now I have 4 children living because my oldest son passed away at the age of 13 just 3 years ago.  It feels weird to read these old ones.

Here it is, as it was written way back when…

Starting a blog is something I have considered, yet hesitated to actually do. What would it be about? I love to talk about many things. Should my blog focus on one thing? I love to talk about good food. How about that? What about family, motherhood, marriage? Literature? Wine? Too many choices. So I’m not going to limit my topics. I think I will allow my mind, my thoughts, my writing to wonder. Another reason I hesitated about blogging was my insecurities letting someone actually read my thoughts, my feelings, or even worse, MY IMPERFECT WRITING!!!! But I decided to go ahead and dive into the blogosphere (isn’t that what they call it?). And I’m not going to be a perfectionist here. I’m just going to write what I feel like writing. Some things may be better than others. Oh and btw, I have this dream of someday writing a book. ((Don’t all bloggers?)) and to be a writer, you need to write. So here I sit writing. I’m full of ideas. I probably have ten book ideas, 3 screenplays, and an unlimited of ideas for blog posts. So ready, set, here I go!


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