Hairy Legs, A Poem

I originally wrote this in March of 2014 on the Bubblews platform.    Just a fun little blurb of a poem.


In the wintertime
So cold and dreary
The furnace blasts
The body is weary
Long pants on legs
Warm sweaters above
Coats and scarves
Ear muffs and gloves
Air so dry
Lips are chapped
Packing extra pounds
All energy zapped
Lotion and chapstick
Are seasonal musts
My razor on a shelf
Collecting much dust
Shorts and swimsuits
In a tub, packed away
Simply waiting to arrive
On a warm spring day
When the springtime
Finally arrives
When glowing warmth
Begins to thrive
Sweaters will be packed
Shorts will come out
Hats and gloves
Children will flout
Colors will blossom
Flowers will bloom
The lilacs fill the air
With a lovely perfume
The singing robins
Begin to lay their eggs
And my husband smiles again
As I finally, shave my legs

Friendships and Loneliness


I’ve given up Facebook for Lent.  And I’m realizing something quite pathetic.  I don’t have too many real interactions in life.  Although it is only day 2 of the Lenten season, I’m feeling a bit lost without my daily dose of that social network site.

I am realizing that virtual friendships are a bit hollow.  If folks don’t see you for awhile online, it’s out of sight, out of mind.

I’m guessing.

Anyway, I’ve been a bit lonely today.

It could just be the hormones.