Thoughts for the Journal


My friend was saying how she hated sleeping alone tonight rather than having her 4 year old grand baby spend the night with her 3,000 stuffed animals.  As I look at my three youngest kids drawing in my bed at 11:30pm (we are on spring break) while my husband is stuck sleeping in one of the kids’ rooms, I can’t help but think how much I love having them here.

This was my response on my friend’s page:  “i love having my kids in bed with me. yes, i’m usually crowded. and yes, i get kicked and the blankets are taken from me…. but i’m sad when they aren’t here”

I really gotta get those journals out and start writing this stuff in them.


Zombie Conversations

Tonight I realized I truly should keep track of the conversations that my fourteen year old son and I have while watching The Walking Dead.


We started watching The Walking Dead together probably when he was twelve, though he may have been an older eleven.

Over the last two or three years, we have had many interesting, deep, thought-provoking conversations as we have watched this show.  Sometimes the talks come after the show as we discuss what happened.

You’d be surprised at the depth.

But, honestly, we talk about morality and choices and how things would change in a zombie apocalypse.

I remember when two key characters started having sex on the show, but it was very much as though they were married.  Because.  Let’s face it.  People aren’t having traditional weddings in a zombie apocalypse.

Tonight, a main character was smoking like a chimney.  I made the remark that I would smoke during the end of the world because, “Why NOT?”  If I could lay my hands on cigarettes and the world was in chaos like this, you can bet your life I’d smoke.  (maybe this is because tonight I walked by a smoker and for some reason, it struck me as appealing).

My son said, “You would?

Yep,” I responded.

His thoughts were, if he had survived thus far, he’d want to do everything he could to survive.  This would mean NOT SMOKING.

My thoughts were, if my chances of being slaughtered by other bad guys like the Saviors, the Governor, Terminus, and the like, as well as zombies, I may as well live it up.

I really should keep track of these talks.


More Memories (and Where is that Hard Copy Journal When I Need It?)

I love the Facebook memories app.  Best thing ever.  Oh sure, there are sad moments for me as a grieving mother.  When i read about Nolan playing soccer or many other things, I’m sad.    But it’s still good to see the memories.

So here I am, again, wanting to write down a few of the Facebook posts from today so that I can transfer these to my handwritten journals.  (I’ve made progress, I actually pulled them out of the darkness to once again start using.  Except Liam’s.  I can’t find his darn it.)

March 8, 2013:  Two year olds are messy… this week she has written on walls, spilled a box of cheerios, spilled many drinks, knocked over ciara s nail polish on the couch, dumped baskets of clothes on the floor, and more…. I love her way more than I love a clean house…

March 3, 2016:  Do you know those sneaky mom moments? Do you know of what I am speaking? Example: at the moment, my family is eating ice cream. The big tub of Neapolitan. (i.e. nothing special) I’m sitting amongst them with some tiramisu gelato hidden in a cup. I’m attempting to sneak bites so no one notices that the coloring is different than theirs. They tend to be quite observant about these sorts of things.

March 12, 2012:  Tea party with my two girls…. ella’s first pretend tea time

March 12, 2012:  oh & ella officially has her arm uncovered… just have to keep some lotion on it & extra sunscreen when the weather is sunny…. she didn’t even have to cry at this dr appt.


Journaling & Facebook #1

When I had my first child, I decided to keep a journal in order to preserve those precious memories.  Although I never was as consistent as I hoped to be, I did pretty well in those early years of jotting down thoughts and happenings and events.

Baby #2 came along, and I did pretty well still.

Babies 3, 4, and 5 came and with them, I became consistently worse about journaling.

I’ve realized, though, that I did a form of journaling through Facebook (and also my blogs).  As Facebook now shares my memories from 3, 4, 5 years ago, I see that I posted sometimes the cute things my littles said or did.

My plan is to gather up my journals (all placed strategically around the house to ensure that I CANNOT find them) and to start writing these Facebook posts in the each prospective journal.  I’d like, someday, for each child to have these memories in their momma’s handwriting.

For now, though, since I don’t know where each journal is located, I’m going to write the memories in a blog here.  It’s too hard to find the old Facebook posts.

So this is the first one and it will include a couple that I saw over the last few days.  I plan to put the date of the Facebook entry here so that I can put it in the journal whenever I ever get around to moving this stuff there.

Feb 28, 2010 (Logan)  Woke up with a happy 3 year old snuggling with me & smiling & telling me his dream about riding a horse. Absolutely my favorite way to wake up.

March 3, 2012:  My 1 year old grabby grabikens just had a trip to the ER because she grabbed her sister’s bowl of HOT noodles off the table & burned herself. it could have been much worse, but the poor precious girl is in lots of pain (although pain meds are currently helpin)

March 3, 2015:  So Patrick is really good about playing dolls and kitchen with Ella. (I’m not) Just now Ella says to me, “I wish Daddy was home so he could play kitchen with me.” And I said, “Daddy is really good at playing with you isn’t he?” and she says, “Yes.” And I say, “what am I good for?” And she says, “Really Nothing.” I think she saw the look in my eyes because she thought for a moment then said, “You are good at cooking.”