Worrying Doesn’t Make Them Small-Minded

I don’t usually post political things.  I don’t like to get into arguments with people that I love and respect because we happen to disagree politically.  It’s not worth it.  Life is too short.

But I have this urge to stand up for some of the people I know who are being labeled bigots and small-minded.  I’m not going to get into the whole argument about the bathrooms at Target and what I personally feel about it.

See, there are some people who are calling for a boycott of Target because of their recently implemented policy for allowing men and women to use whichever bathroom they like based on the gender of which they identify.

Most of what I have heard is NOT because people are worried that transgender people will harm their children.  They worry more that someone who is NOT a transgender will use this policy as an excuse to enter the opposite sex’s bathroom.

Being a parent is hard.  And one of those things that becomes a tough question is:  When Do I Let My Child Use the Public Bathroom Without Me?    I remember that with my oldest two.  It was so hard to ease up on those attachment strings.   Initially, I would send them together, safety in numbers.  I was always nervous though.   My 3rd is a girl, so she didn’t ask to use the bathroom by herself for quite awhile.    We’d usually go in together.  At some point though, I remember being across the Target when my younger daughter needed to go and I made the call of sending my older daughter to take her.  There were very explicit instructions of where to meet me when they were finished.  And I was afraid until they returned.   Those sorts of things, as well as the first time a mom lets her boy go into the boys’ room alone, is scary.

All of those moments of independence and letting go are scary.

So when I hear people I know saying they don’t like Target’s policy because they are worried about sending their child into the restroom by themselves, it’s not something new.  We’ve always been worried about sending our child to the restroom by themselves.

The fact that these people are worried about their kids does not make them bigots or small minded.  And I do get a little tired of people labeling them as such.  It’s not political for them.  It’s not about LGBT rights.  It’s about that NON-LGBT person who uses this as an excuse.    At least that’s how I hear it from most of the people I know who have voiced their concerns.

I personally would be a little surprised to walk in and see someone of the opposite sex in the ladies’ room, but I’d simply walk in the bathroom and shut the door for privacy.  But I’m not sure how my daughters’ would feel.  Or my sons.

I just wish all the hating would stop.  So many people that I love and respect seem to always turn things into political arguments.  It truly wears me down.  I just want to raise my kids.  I want us to be happy and healthy and safe.  And I want the world to just get along!!  Why can’t we all just get along?