The Downside of Motherhood

We put our all into raising our children with the hopes that they will be independent, successful, happy adults.  If we manage to succeed, our children leave us.   Some of us, like myself, leave good jobs, good careers, to raise our children.   18-25 years later, what do we have to show for it?

Yes, yes, our children.

But now?  We are home… we are alone.  We no longer have a career.  We no longer have children upon which to focus our energy.

I’m at a crossroads lately.  My youngest is in kindergarten.  I need to work, but haven’t successfully found something that is flexible enough to work around my kids schedules.  I have a dream of teaching yoga, but am unable to come up with the money for certification.   I think the yoga would be perfect because I’m passionate about it.  It’s flexible.