Art Therapy

I realized recently that practicing art helps relax me.  I suffer from anxiety.  So finding things that help me to relax is a good thing.   After I found this out, I invested in some art supplies including a sketch book, pencils, charcoals, chalks, oil pastels, markers, colored pencils.

Many years ago, I bought my children a book called Drawing with Children which introduces some basic concepts for learning to draw.  Before reading through this book, I could only draw stick figures.  I always just said, “I have no talent whatsoever.”  I’m not saying I have talent now, but the book has made me realize that anyone can learn to draw.  Maybe I will never be a great talent, but I can at least draw a decent picture, one that makes me proud.

I think if you want to try to learn to do some art, just go for it.  Between books, websites, videos, etc., there are ways to learn some basics.




I sit my soft rump upon the sagging sofa in the untidy room.  As I look across the small space at my loud children, I cannot help but notice the clutter upon the floor.  My energy level is low.  I look at the junk and attempt to will it away into its appropriate space.  I look at the shoes that are beneath the piano bench, the books scattered on the carpet, and the toys.  I see paper products in the corner, thanks to our disobedient dog who likes to dig in the trash.   I wonder where my energy is.  I wonder why I feel lazy.  I wonder.