Where Has All the Art Gone?

20170329_192616I realized the other day that my summer has been so hectic that I have not been sketching or doing any sort of art.  And guess what?  I’ve been a little more anxious lately.   I truly do find art to be a sort of therapy.  Granted, life has been full of a lot of changes and responsibilities and stress.  So my anxiety is definitely warranted, but still….  I can’t help but wonder if I were doing art if I would be handling it better.

I think I should be trying to spend just a little time each day with my sketch book.



Can I honestly call myself a writer?  Am I truly a photographer?  What about an artist?  Does the mere fact that I want to be these things make me these things?

I write.  I write and write and write.  I write blog posts.  I write big long social media posts.  I write ideas inside my head.  I have ideas for books.  But… I’ve never been published.  i’ve never put myself out there, sent off an article and HOPED for an acceptance letter.   I’ve written for paid blogging sites.  In fact, there was one that I earned quite a bit of income from back in 2014.  However, there were no guidelines.  I didn’t have to be a talented writer to earn income.  Am I truly a writer?

Photographer.  I have an eye for the artistic photograph.  I take many, many photos, mostly with my android phone.  I have a pretty nice SLR digital camera that I use sometimes.  However, I am a busy mom.  I don’t get out there and snap the photos that I have inside my head.  I have never been paid to take a photo.  Am I truly a photographer?

Artist.  I’ve recently started sketching.  I’m learning.  I’m a beginner.  It’s not natural yet.  I don’t know that you could even say I have talent.  Of course, there are some paid artists whom some would argue have no talent.   Can I call myself an artist simply because I want to be?

How do I think of myself?   I know I’m a mother.  i know I’m a wife.  I know I’m a yogini.  I know I’m a teacher.  What else am I?  What should I call myself?


Art Therapy

I realized recently that practicing art helps relax me.  I suffer from anxiety.  So finding things that help me to relax is a good thing.   After I found this out, I invested in some art supplies including a sketch book, pencils, charcoals, chalks, oil pastels, markers, colored pencils.

Many years ago, I bought my children a book called Drawing with Children which introduces some basic concepts for learning to draw.  Before reading through this book, I could only draw stick figures.  I always just said, “I have no talent whatsoever.”  I’m not saying I have talent now, but the book has made me realize that anyone can learn to draw.  Maybe I will never be a great talent, but I can at least draw a decent picture, one that makes me proud.

I think if you want to try to learn to do some art, just go for it.  Between books, websites, videos, etc., there are ways to learn some basics.