Election Day Thoughts

This isn’t meant to be a political post, well, maybe sort of, but hopefully a bipartisan one…
It’s just an observation really. I’ve seen people who are saying they never dreamed there would be a woman president in the US in their lifetime or that they never dared to dream that they could be themselves.
I just find that odd because, personally, I never felt EVER like I couldn’t become the president of the United States. If I had wanted to do so, I would have tried! (oh but the skeletons the other side would have dug up!!!) I’m 46 years old. In my lifetime, I’ve seen many women in leadership positions, including governments, large corporations, universities, small companies, etc. I grew up in a small, rural, Kansas town where some would argue people were backward, behind the times, etc. But I always felt the power to go for my dreams… I always felt the power to be what I wanted, who I wanted. Never for one minute did I think that being a woman was a hindrance. Not one single teacher, male or female, ever made me doubt that I could do what I set my mind to doing….
I don’t know. It just struck me a time or two that I never encountered anything like that.
Now.. perhaps someone my mom’s age is a different story. They grew up in a different time. But women of my age and younger? I think we’ve always had the chance to achieve such dreams and more.
I’m really not trying to stir the pot…. those who know me know I’m not a fan of stirring the pot…. I just was surprised to read such statements in the last couple of weeks. And I felt like sharing my own personal thoughts on it…..13521931_10154239777962278_7446062726594181755_n-213521931_10154239777962278_7446062726594181755_n-2